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    Deer Meat Didn't Cause Hunters' Deaths

    Story by Mike Snider, USA TODAY

    Concerns about chronic wasting disease have heightened after a case report surfaced of two hunters who developed neurological disorders and died after eating venison from a population of deer that may have been infected with "zombie deer disease."

    The report of the two hunters who died in 2022, presented in early April at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology, did not prove the transmission of chronic wasting disease (CWD) from deer to humans, the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio researchers wrote.

    However, the researchers wrote, the case "emphasizes the need for further investigation into the potential risks of consuming CWD-infected deer and its implications for public health."

    There have been no cases of CWD in people reported to date, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But past studies raised concerns that CWD could "pose a risk to people," the CDC has said, suggesting "it is important to prevent human exposures to CWD."

    Here's what to know about the hunters' deaths and the CDC's response to the report.

    CDC: Deer meat did not lead to hunters' illnesses, death

    About the 2022 report, the agency agreed with the researchers "that there is a need for careful investigation of chronic wasting disease (CWD) as a potential risk to people's’ health," CDC epidemiologist Ryan Maddox said in a statement to USA TODAY.

    But the CDC reviewed the 2022 cases and considered the two men's deaths as "part of the normal number of cases of CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) we see in the U.S.," he said.

    The men died after developing Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), which like CWD is a prion disease, a class of fatal neurological disorders, which can affect humans and animals, and usually progress rapidly and are always fatal. In prion diseases, certain proteins in the brain begin to fold abnormally, causing brain damage and other symptoms, the CDC says.

    "A history of hunting and/or eating venison does not mean that someone got CJD that way," Maddox said. "Many Americans hunt and even more eat venison. Some will develop sporadic CJD by chance and others will not."

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    NADR is excited to roll out the all-new GMS Web App. This new GMS product offers the deer breeder/farmer the latest in technology and data capturing from the NADR database. GMS clients will be able to access their data via any platform, using any device. The following features are just a few of the many tools included in GMS! 

    Herd Inventory - Track all aspects of the herd, including tags, names, state id, birth weight, sires, dams, etc. Display unlimited pictures of each animal. Record medications for each animal.

    DNA Submittal & Retrieval - A few clicks, and the paperwork is ready to go via online submittal. When the specimen has been processed, retrieve the lineage and DNA information back into GMS.

    GEBV/Codons - Receive and store GEBV score and Codon values from NADR for each animal. 

    Lineage/Pedigree -The fully interactive lineage screen displays lineage and pictures for each animal. Optionally, you can display the GEBV score. 

    Doe Line - Customizable field for each animal to record anchor doe detail to display on reports or grouping. 

    Pen and Group Management - Create and assign as many pens or groups as desired. Pen and group detail included in inventory reports allows for sorting and reviewing animals by pen or group.

    Designed for All Species - NADR has spent countless hours with people in the industry to develop a program that will work for all Cervid species as well as Exotics.

    More to Come! – We will be rolling out more features in the coming year such as Dream Deer, Animal Transfers, Customizable Reporting, Email Notification of updates.

    It will be easy to sign up and transfer your data. 

    An email and link will be sent to view a demo of the GMS Web App and discuss your data.

    For existing customers, we will provide instructions for locating and uploading the GMS database backup file.

    NADR staff will then do all the work to get you up and running.

  • 3 Oct 2023 9:00 AM | Kathy Giesen (Administrator)

    As the deer industry evolves, the North American Deer Registry (NADR) is evolving right along with it. What began in 2007 as a cooperative effort between the Texas Deer Association (TDA) and the North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) for the purpose of validating the industry by providing pedigree verification, NADR continues to utilize technology to move the industry forward.

    Combining GMS along with NADR’s recent technology upgrades, including NADR Online and NADR Interactive, will allow breeders to utilize technology to create a more efficient process from sample submission to receipt of results. NADR will assemble a team of power users and technology veterans to work over the next 6 months to create a web based mobile friendly application that all breeders can benefit from.

    GMS subscribers should continue to use the current GMS platform until the transition is made in the Spring of 2024. We are excited about this new feature and will have updates as we get closer to the rollout. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to call the NADR Office.


    Gary Cook

    Executive Director, 

    North American Deer Registry

  • 22 Mar 2022 11:11 AM | Kathy Giesen (Administrator)

    If you would like your farm or business featured on our business card pages, email digital pdf file or scanned image (must be readable resolution) of your business card to:

    Email to Meagan Lewis here

    This gives Tri-State members a way to reach out to one another for services and to buy or sell deer!  There will be limited pages for these card spreads, first come first serve. The overflow would be placed in the next issue and cards will be rotated each quarter.

    If you have any questions please contact Kathy Giesen: 435-817-0150

  • 22 Mar 2022 11:08 AM | Kathy Giesen (Administrator)

    I hope you’re all doing well! My name is Meagan Lewis, and I’m excited to be serving as your secretary for Whitetails of Oklahoma.  Just a little about me; is that I never dreamed I’d be making a life out of one of my favorite past times.  When my husband (Jeremy) and I first thought about deer farming, we did a lot of research on the different rules of the business. We purchased our first deer farm in the state of Oklahoma, in the year of 2017. (Antlers Trophy Whitetails) I can honestly say that being involved in the deer business has helped us to form solid friendships, and meet some very amazing individuals.  We are truly blessed to have a spot of God’s country here in this great state of Oklahoma, one of the friendliest deer breeder states! 

    I am actively seeking articles, hunting, or fishing related for the quarterly newsletters. This can include articles about your personal hunting experiences, grandchildren, and kiddos. Some helpful tips, pointers on animal care, just all-around articles with some knowledge to other fellow deer farmers, or just good old fun deer & fishing stories.  You are all what helps make these newsletters possible, and helps to keep them interesting. I will provide my contact info below, to be able to submit articles, or ask any questions you may have. I would also like to remind everyone we will have a new website launched. You’ll be able to go online and join as a member, or even let a fellow friend who may want newsletters, know they may join as a member with no voting rights, but still receive our quarterly letters. We are actively seeking new members for the growth within our state. I know that with every one of us coming together and collaborating we can make that happen.  

    We are super excited to be able to have a Picnic this year!  The last couple of years we were unable to have one, so this is very exciting news. A big special Thank you, goes out to President Chris Ezell, for hosting this year’s picnic. It will be held May 14th, 10AM at Cougar Ridge Whitetails. You and your families come out hungry and ready to have a good time! We hope to see everyone there! Stay safe, God Bless!  

    Whitetails of Oklahoma Secretary,  

    Meagan Lewis 

    Email: mjlewis2020@icloud.com 

    C: 979-864-7732

  • 22 Jan 2022 6:23 AM | Kathy Giesen (Administrator)

    Many in the industry attended and supported these 3 state associations. Visit the Photo Gallery to see all of the activity.

  • 1 Dec 2021 6:20 AM | Kathy Giesen (Administrator)

    As the year is coming to an end it was nice to see the Chronic Wasting Disease Research and Management Act pass the House! We are looking forward to equal success in the Senate!

    “On behalf of deer farmers and their families, I want to thank Representatives Kind and Thompson for getting this legislation passed through the House of Representatives. As an industry, we have been fighting CWD each day and advocating for more research funding for years. Working together with our partner organizations we now have legislation to combat this disease. NADeFA applauds our sponsor’s leadership and the House passage of HR 5608, we now look forward to working with the Senate to ensure this bill becomes law. CWD is a constant worry our agricultural sector faces daily, however, this legislation will help save the family farm and the rural communities who depend upon our industries,” said Shawn Schafer, Executive Director North American Deer Farmers Association. 

    Shawn Schafer

    Executive Director

Whitetails of Oklahoma

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